Only a few people can do all the steps required to build a custom home, but you can act as your very own general contractor and hire other subcontractors in the order they are needed.

There might be certain aspects of the labor that you can do on your own, but only by getting a good understanding of the whole custom home building process could you decide which tasks need to be done.

This guide will outline the basics as well as the chronology of organizing the construction of your custom home all by yourself. Hiring subcontractors when needed and saving cash where you can by using sweat equity is the single and most effective money saving technique whenever it concerns building a house.

Site and Home Building Basics

The first thing you need to do is to get situated. So, you need to clear out the building site and make sure there are no debris at the ground level as well as 25 feet around your preferred home perimeter. Your surveyor will stake out the lot according to the original plot drawings that show the boundaries of the property. Make changes to the topography of the site when needed to change the water flow across to the site. This usually requires a general contractor with earth moving tools.

Pouring Concrete Foundation and Footings

This is where things will start to get serious in terms of spending money and labor. The work is almost always performed by foundation specialist and excavation contractors. Once footings and foundation have been installed, you can never go back because if you do, you’ve wasted a serious amount of cash.

Running Electrical and Plumbing lines

In case you are setting up a slab-type foundation, you need electricians and plumbers to rough-in a few of the services before pouring the concrete slab. Once everything is in place, the subcontractor will then pour the concrete.

Framing, Siding, and Roofing

Now that the excavation, foundation, as well as the concrete work are done, you’ll soon start to see your project as your home. The floors, ceilings, and walls will be installed and then the contractors will then move to the siding, sheathing, and roof installationThis work could be completed right away. In just a couple of weeks, you will start to recognize your house as a house.

Installing Rough In Plumbing and Electrical

The next job that will be tackled involves the interior of your home. Masons, HVAC contractorselectricians, and plumbers will arrive. The chimney will be constructed by the mason while the electrician will perform the rough-in work for the electrical circuits and the plumbers for the plumbing pipes. Then, the work will be inspected to make sure that they are done right.

Drywall, Trim, Painting, and Finish Work

More interior work will be done. The wall and the ceiling surfaces will be installed. After the drywall is installed and the walls have been primed, you’ll need the help of a painter again. The walls and ceilings will be painted or finished with texture. The counter tops will be installed as well as the electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Floors, Driveway Installation, and Landscaping

The finish flooring surfaces will be installed in your custom home Myrtle Beach. Then the driveway will be setup and the landscaping will be done, too.

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If there’s one thing you want to have in life, it’s building your dream custom home. If you want the whole process of building your home to go smoothly, you need to know what mistakes to avoid.

Custom Home Building Mistakes To Avoid

Insufficient Budget

You need to have enough cash when building a custom home Myrtle Beach. You need to have a sufficient budget to furnish it as well as to cover unexpected expenses or upgrades that you would like to have. A few of the things that could cause some problems to your budget are the following:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Mouldings
  • Appliances
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Countertops
  • Mouldings
  • Built-ins

Insufficient Natural Light

When you are building a home, you have a chance to place the windows in spots that will give you a lot of natural light. You also have the option to add skylights. Feel free to customize the window sizes.

Incorrectly Sized HVAC System

You need to know how big your HVAC system should be. It should not be too small or too big for your custom home. If you are unsure, contact an HVAC contractor for professional help.

Poor Storage Planning

Think big and think outside the box when you are building your custom home. However, keep in mind that it’s still better to build the spaces that you really need. You should consider having smart spaces instead of just having spaces that you won’t use.

  • Build a walk in closet only if you’ll use all of the available space.
  • Consider having a mudroom that also serves as your coat closet.
  • Add shelves and hooks to your storage area.
  • Add cabinets and shelves to your kitchen island.
  • Consider adding storage spaces under the stairs.

Placing Rooms In Poor Locations

All relaxing rooms must be placed in areas where it’s quiet. Don’t place your bedrooms in spots that are noisy. Here are some recommendations to consider.

  • Laundry rooms must be in a central location to avoid carrying heavy hampers across your home.
  • The garage should be near your kitchen and away from your bedrooms. If you plan to put a room on top of the garage, it should be an entertainment room or a game room, not a bedroom.
  • The kitchen should be close to an entrance.
  • Hire a custom home builder to help you with the floor plans.

Ignoring The Advice of Your Custom Home Builder

Custom home builders are experts in this field. Dawol Homes has been in business for years and they can offer you reliable suggestions when it comes to building your home. You should hear them out. Custom home builders Myrtle Beach have seen homeowners make the best and worst mistakes.

Making Rooms That Don’t Serve A Purpose

Build a house that meets your needs. For example, build a home gym if you have exercise equipment and you want to use it. Don’t build a theatre room if you’ll only use it rarely. Avoid creating rooms that you won’t use. You should learn how to utilize every available space.

Compromising The Quality Just To Save Money

Never cut corners just because you wish to save some cash when building your custom home. It is better to spend more to purchase top quality materials than save money now by buying poor quality materials. If you decide to go with the latter, you’ll end up spending more down the road. Not to mention, having to go through the inconvenience of having your home repaired every now and then.

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Here are a few things you need to know about a production home, semi-custom home, and custom home.

Production Home

A production home has the exact same design that’s been used several times. These are commonly seen in neighborhoods that are constructed by large-volume custom home builders. These houses, also known as tract homes, may be found in suburban places outside places that have a dense population so bigger tracts of land are divided to support such kind of home building. All homes in the community could be constructed by just one home builder who is also the owner of the lot. There are several production home builders with great reputation and regional or local custom home builders that could fall within this category.

Custom Home

A custom home is a distinct and uniquely designed home that’s built from scratch. This procedure involves collaboration among the custom builder, homeowner, architect, as well as different parties involved in the logistics and design. In most cases, the home lot is big factor in the construction and design. Most of the time, the homeowner has already chosen the lot where he or she wants to build the house. Custom home builders Myrtle Beach are known for their high quality work and are focused on a regional or smaller local market.

Semi-Custom Home

Semi-custom houses are customized homes that are constructed according to a pre-existing set of floor plans, which may have been changed to meet the needs of the buyer. It is also a term used for a few production home builders who offer greater flexibility and a wide range of options to tailor make their stock plans for their new homebuyer.

Pros and Cons of Production Homes

Production homes are constructed at different prices, but provide a lot of cost savings and value for homebuyers. This is a hassle free benefit to all these stock floor plans. There general a lot of plan options and choices to choose from, but without the need to go through the stress of making decision every day when building from the ground up. The production home building process saves time and lets buyers move in quickly.

There are instances when production houses are referred to cookie cutter homes, which have a negative reputation. Because of the homogenous nature of those house plans, several times there are a few options when checking out finishing touches like flooring cabinets or room configuration, as well as low flexibility when the course of a plan was set into action.

Pros and Cons of Custom Homes

Custom houses provide to huge benefits, flexibility and choice. These houses provide a homeowner with a choice in nearly everything during the process of home building, from the foundation then to the flooring and to the doorknobs. Custom home builders enjoy flexibility when mixing plans and styles to build a house that is constructed according to the lifestyle and needs of the homeowner.

Obviously, this flexibility comes with a price – cost and time. Since either the home builder or the homebuyer, you’ll be taking care of the decision making, stress, mistakes, and dealing with more setbacks compared to the typical production home.

Carefully consider your home construction choices and maintain a balance between price, quality, personalization, and peace of mind.

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Do you want to build a custom home but don’t have any idea where to start? Are you unsure what to consider before you build your dream home? Getting started might seem like a cumbersome task to build a house. But don’t worry. Here’s a guide on how to get you on the right track.


Essential Considerations Before Building A Custom Home


Create a Budget – you should know how much you can afford for your custom home. It’s essential to know what your budget is so that you can decide how small or big your home can be and what design features could be included.

Know Your Timeframe – just like everybody else, you want your new custom home to be finished by your custom home builder as soon as possible. Is there a date that you would like the project to finish by? Are there any other factors that you need to take into account when figuring out when you have to begin and end by like a new school year or a baby on the way?

Find the Appropriate Property – The location for your custom home is important to all that things that you want your house to be. You need to find the right place where you want to build your home.

Essential House Plan Details That You Have To Consider

Creating a house plan means you need to define your wish list. It must also include the goals and must haves for your new home. You have to get this done before you hire a custom home builder so that they could assist you in refining your house plan in such a way that it will fit your budget, your needs, and your personality. They are well trained, skilled, and professional in knowing what is possible and how to add your ideas into a functional and efficient house plan design. When creating your dream house plan, here are a few things that you need to remember.

Dream big – This is your home so make sure to dream big. Make your house unique so don’t hesitate to go big.

Create a must have, wish list, and don’t wat list – be sure to have a list of what you must have, what you wish to have, and what you don’t want to have.

Create a vision board – create a board of what you like and don’t like. You can check out websites for references like Houzz or Pinterest.

Open interior or separate spaces – ask yourself if you would rather have separate spaces or an open interior design.

How many stories would you like? – do you prefer a single story house or a multi-story house? If you would like a multi-story house then you should figure out what you want to have on the first floor? How about the second floor?

Features or Rooms – what features or rooms do you want to have in your home?

Room arrangement – how would you like to arrange the rooms in your custom home Myrtle Beach? What rooms should be near each other? Do you want your home office to be close to the entryway? Do you want the laundry room to be close to the bedroom?

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One of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life is investing in a house. Buyers research extensively about the marketing trends, location, taxes, and price as they try to find the best house that meets their needs and wants. Among the first decisions that you’ll have to make during the process is choosing between buying an existing home or building a home with the help of custom home builders Myrtle Beach.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house? How much does it cost to build a custom home this year? Although all of these are valid questions to consider as you do your house hunt, there are going to be pros and cons to both sides. It’s important to assess your existing lifestyle and the objectives that your future house will help you achieve.

Building A Custom Home Vs. Buying An Existing One

Although there are many advantages to purchasing a used house, it will all be about the cost and convenience. When you know what your budget is or the mortgage amount that you’ve been approved to get, then you’ll know how much you can afford when you are looking for houses. There are several steps involved between financing, inspection, and closing, it is still possible to move into your new house within 45 days. The fast turn time is relevant for people who are relocating or those who are on a tight schedule.

Apart from that, if you buy an existing house, you might have better options for living in your chosen location. Plus the process will involve a faster move in. However you may have to deal with unforeseen repair costs. And, in case you are thinking of remodeling a used house, you are bound to pay thousands of dollars. The other costs that you also have to cover include the appraisal fees, credit report fees, title insurance, origination and underwriting fees.

Hire Custom Home Builders Myrtle Beach to Build Your Home

Several homebuyers think that hiring custom home builders Myrtle Beach to build a house is too expensive. But it is an excellent option for people who want to customize their house while staying on a budget. The costs to build a custom home vary depending on the location, land, customization, and excavation costs.

If you build a new house, you hire a custom home builder who is experienced in creating a space that matches your current lifestyle and future goals. Newly built custom homes are also energy efficient. They pose fewer health issues. You can even ask your custom home builder to use materials that are sustainable for the environment.

If you are considering a custom home, you’d have to wait around 6.5 months for the construction to be completed. You also have to consider major expenses that are associated with constructing a home aside from the mortgage. These include the costs for the foundation, framing, interior finishes, as well as the driveway. Although building a custom home means you’ll have to wait a bit longer, you’ll have a deeper emotional connection to the house that you helped design and build.

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Are you excited to own a house? You’ll have a few options to choose from. You can either buy a new used home or build a new custom home. Is it cheaper to build a new house with the help of a custom home builder or can you save more cash by purchasing a new used house? Here are a few things to help you decide.

Building a Custom Home

It is undeniable that purchasing a house, whether it’s new or used, can be expensive. But did you know that you can save more money if you build your own house? One of the primary advantages of this option is that you will get what you want and need for your dream home.

Because of the existing competition in today’s real estate market, a custom home builder Myrtle Beach will give you several home plans as well as discounts. They do this to attract possible buyers. Even though you may not have constructed one before, there are many things to take into account including the benefits of building a new home versus buying an existing one.

Everything is brand new – unlike purchasing an existing house, building a new house means you will get to install new things. There will be no hidden costs that may be incurred when doing some home upgrades. For example, most pre-existing houses will need a person to repaint the interior and exterior of the home before moving in. You don’t have to be stuck with the paint choices of the people who lived in the house before you.

Energy efficient house – newly built houses contain more insulation, improved HVAC equipment, and less air infiltration, which will help in lowering energy consumption as well as improved comfort when compared to the older existing homes.

Freedom of design and style – compared to purchasing a pre-existing house, you choose your home design you would like to have in your house from the very beginning. It also means that you will not have to spend a lot of cash remodeling your house to create open floor plans to so you can have the laundry room where you want it to be or perhaps to have more storage space.

Healthy Living – materials used to build homes come with different levels of toxicity. For this primary reason, when you construct a new house, you could select less toxic materials or use reclaimed natural materials. Unlike buying a pre-existing home, there are no hidden toxic dangers like molds, allergens, or other toxic substances like asbestos or lead paint.

Purchasing A House

Now that you have a good idea of the benefits of hiring a custom home builder to build your house, maybe you may want to know how much it will cost you to purchase a new or pre-existing one. Although it could be beneficial for people to build their own houses, for other people, it could be financially sound to buy a used house.

It is more convenient. If you look at the time and the process involved in building a custom home, it might be more convenient to purchase an existing one. This option also lets you live in an already established neighbourhood.

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If you are searching for custom home builders whom you can entrust the construction of your dream home then you have to do your homework. This can help you ensure that you are choosing a firm that can meet your expectation and desired craftsmanship. Luxury houses should not be inconvenient to build. A great company will deal with all the hassles for you and once the project is done, you will have a home that you’ve always been dreaming of. The fastest and easiest way to look for local builders in your area is to search online.

Hiring Custom Home Builders

You need to check the websites of different builders for general information as well as photos of previous houses that they may have built. You will find positive testimonials on these websites since most companies don’t usually post negative reviews so potential clients will get their services. There are several websites that provide unbiased reviews, both good and bad, for all kinds of contractors. Dream custom home builders Myrtle Beach must have a great reputation without your local area so they would stay competitive and these websites will direct you to those firms with the best reputation like Dawol Homes.

You need to choose a company that works well with you and one that could assist you in designing your dream home. Some work with their own architect but the firm you end up choosing must also allow you to choose your own architect if you want to. They must also provide top notch customer service and they must go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the quality as well as the completion date of your brand new home. The home builder must be able to provide you an assurance and proof that they will only use the highest quality materials and work with experienced labours when they are building your luxury home.

You also have to pay close attention to the what you are being quoted as the final price for your completed luxury custom home. Trustworthy custom home builders will compare well with their rivals when it comes to the price. Offers that are extremely low should be avoided. You won’t be able to find quality materials or labor for a cheaper price but you shouldn’t expect to pay more than what is needed and asking for quotes from different contractors must help you find the average price you are expected to pay.

On the job scheduling is also crucial if you have a time frame when it comes to finishing your custom home Myrtle Beach. You will find several reviews online that will let you know how well specific companies managed to keep on schedule without providing excuses or delays when they finish their home projects. This might be extremely crucial if you need to be out of your existing residence without a specific amount of time. Great quality craftsmanship shouldn’t be compromised to get the job done on time and firms who have obtained high ratings for these areas must be among the top options if you are looking for dream home builders.

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