Choosing floor plans for new custom homes could be an exciting process. As you begin to go through your options, it’s crucial to know how you and your family will use the space and how it would fit your lifestyle. The perfect floor plan would enhance the way you experience your new custom home, and everything from its style to its shape must be accounted for. You may find your options overwhelming, but there are some tips to help you decide which house plan is the best for you.

The Perfect Floor Plan For Your Custom Home


The first thing you need to consider if you are choosing a house plan for your custom home Myrtle Beach must be the size. You should not run the risk of under or overbuilding your house. As you start browsing plans for your custom home, spend some time to create a wish list that you want your custom home to have. You need to know how many bedrooms you want or if you would like to have a formal dining room, and what kitchen design would suit you best.

Design Style

Homeowners have their own unique design style and picking out a floor plan that will meet those needs is important. In case you are more conventional and you would like to have wall space where you can hang your photos or art, then you should consider a more compartmentalized, conventional floor plan where the walls will separate every space. In case you would like something more contemporary with an open, modern feel, then you should take into account an open floor plan.

It’s best to take a moment and check at the furniture and other things in your house. In case you have matching furniture items, an open floor plan will work well for you. On the other hand, if your furniture covers different styles, then a conventional floor plan could be the perfect option for you.

Trust Your Instincts

If you are checking out various floor plans, you should focus on what feels right for you. You’ll be surprised as to the number of various layouts there are in terms of the house plans. Do not be afraid to check something different, but always remember that your gut reactions when making a decision.

Think Of The Furniture and Material Costs

Investing in brand new furniture is expensive, and the same applies to paint and flooring. Although building a home with a custom home builder means you’ll need to account for your new floors and walls, you could save a lot of cash if you can still use the existing furniture you have.

Mind Your Budget

While you’re making decisions, always take into account the costs that are linked with the layout. Think about the heating and cooling costs as well as the operating and general maintenance costs. Ask a custom home builder or a contractor to assist you in determining the cost of your preferred floor plan. You should also ask for help to narrow down your selections when it comes to the types that is suitable for your budget.

Think About Change

So you’ve finally found a floor plan that you really love, but there’s something that is not right about it. You should think about modifications. Maybe you want to add a room, decrease or increase your ceiling heights, or your perhaps your changes are far more elaborate, don’t hesitate to consult your custom home builder.

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Find the best floor plan for your brand new custom home in Myrtle Beach. Make sure to consult with your custom home builder to determine which option is best for you.

There are three main types of floor plans. These are the traditional, contemporary, and the custom plans. The traditional floor plan will separate every room with a doorway and walls. Contemporary floor plans get rid of the majority of these walls for a much more open floor plan type like having the living room and kitchen in the same place. Meanwhile, a custom floor plan allows you to make your own design.

Each floor plan has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Floor Plans

Traditional floor plan is also referred to as closed floor plans. Keep in mind that closed does not also mean cramped. It’s because the traditional kind of floor plan have the exact same amount of space. It’s just that it has more walls. You could walk into nearly any house built at least 10 years ago and you will see this kind of floor plan.

Benefits of Traditional Floor Plans

A range of design options – you could add your own design to every room and make it as unique as you want. You could also use different color, materials, and so on for every space.

Offer a cozier feel – bigger rooms could feel overly spacious if you are just the one in them

More privacy – you could have more space where you can have some peace and quiet

Better sound control – by having more walls, there will be more objects sound need to pass through to go to other areas, therefore, muting it more

Lowering Energy Bills – it’s easier to cool or heat areas with more walls because they offer more insulation

Contemporary Floor Plan

A contemporary floor plan is also referred to as an open concept design. The modern floor plan provides an open feel that is great for letting people to feel together even if they are not in the same room. For instance, the chef will not feel isolated from everybody in the living room since there’s a big opening connecting the rooms.

Benefits of Contemporary Floor Plan

A contemporary floor plan offers accessibility since it’s going to be much easier to move around since there are more space. You will be provided an open line of sight which is ideal for families because it is easier to watch your kids. Another benefit is better natural light. Since there are fewer walls, more light will come from the windows, which means you will get to save on your energy bills.

This type of floor plan offers a more modern aesthetic. A growing number of consumers prefer an open concept floor plan. Lastly, an open concept type is rising in popularity and it will most likely be easier to sell the house once you decide to put it on the market.

Custom Floor Plan

With a custom floor plan, you can work closer with a custom home builder Myrtle Beach. You can choose the styles, fixtures, rooms, colors, materials, and everything else that you would like for your custom home.

They could also make it custom without the need to go into that much detail, like selecting a layout and allowing the custom home builder to take care of the rest.

One custom idea that is increasing in popularity is having a bigger shower without a door. It could take a bit of getting used to but you will surely have fun once you do.

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When you decide to get a custom home, you will enjoy having a comfort, healthy, and efficient home. But building a custom house using the construction methods these days require more knowledge than what most people realize. That knowledge is one of the many benefits of working with an expert custom home builder.

Many homeowners want to know about energy efficiency, insulation, heating and cooling system, plumbing and electrical system.

They also wish to know if their indoor air quality is healthy and safe. Homeowners are also concerned that the airtight wall construction that’s required by today’s building codes could trigger health concerns. They would like to know that the home won’t trap dirt, dust, and odors and won’t have unhealthy levels of humidity. These are only a few of the countless questions that people have in their minds.

Health and efficiency are only two aspects of what they refer to as high performance homes or buildings today.

Consider a high performance home as a luxury car. Its custom home builder, like the luxury car manufacturer, wants to provide an extraordinary product that will wow clients. Although the most visible traits of a home are the quality and design, the home’s performance will depend on the carefully made systems. These include systems like a digital home control and monitoring that a homeowner will see and touch, and those whose advantages go often unnoticed, such as perfectly tuned cooling, heating, and fresh air systems, as well as structural elements that would resist decay for several decades.

High Performance, Engineered Custom Home

The primary goal of an engineered custom home is to provide a worry free living to its owner. Making this kind of home requires knowledge that is beyond that of a conventional home builder.

Take for instance those airtight walls. Meeting the requirements of the requirements of the code while guaranteeing structural integrity and fresh indoor air need the home builder to have a good grasp of the principles of building science.

Building science is a known discipline. It studies how different kinds of buildings deal with moisture, heat, and air. Although builders do not have to be scientists, they have to apply the findings of building science. They have to know how doors and windows affect the performance of a custom home, how to develop tight walls that will not trap moisture, how to find the best insulation levels, and several other things.

Custom Home Builders And Their Extensive Knowledge

Custom home builders require an in-depth understanding of the mechanical systems these days. This includes how to select a ventilation system that will keep air fresh without risking drafts. In order to do this, the builder must have enough knowledge to make sure that the mechanical contractor will size the heating and cooling system correctly and design the duct system that is quite but offers a comfortable humidity and consistent temperature and every room.

Having said that, a top rated custom home builder Myrtle Beach will recommend that you choose the best heating and cooling system, even if it is quite expensive. Make sure to take not of that advice. Even if value engineering to bring down the costs, do not demote the mechanical system since the comfort and efficiency it offers will help make your living experience in your home a wonderful experience.

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“To build or not to build,” a question that a lot of homeowners ask when trying to figure out whether to purchase an existing home or have a custom home built by a custom home builder in Myrtle Beach. There are a few benefits associated with purchasing an existing home compared to having a custom home built. A few notable ones include the fact that it is already move in ready and some existing houses come with a distinctive history and could be quite nostalgic.

But, an existing house also has its own set of disadvantages. It is generally not constructed to suit everyone and it may not meet your standards. There is also a big risk that when you buy a house, you’ll find out that it has a long list of maintenance and repair issues. Existing houses don’t commonly come under warranty like a new custom homes do.

Do you want to learn more about custom homes? Read on.

Benefits Of Having A Custom Home

Complete Personalization

The most important benefit of having a custom home is that you will have the opportunity to get what you want. With a cookie cutter home, you won’t be get a home that suits your personal preferences. Even if you find one, you’d have to search through a lot of houses before landing on the perfect one. Even after doing all the tedious search, the possibility for complete satisfaction isn’t good.

Unique Finishes

Having a custom home builder construct your dream house will make it far easier for you to add in distinctive features into the house while it is still in the planning and design stage.

By building a custom home, you will be free to design your living room to highlight an heirloom furniture that’s been with you for several generations. You can also add interesting building materials. You will have limitless options.

Custom Floor Plan

With other pre-existing houses or cookie cutter homes, what you see is what you get. Having major changes to the floor plan would warrant knocking down walls, taking care of inconveniences, and putting in a lot of time, effort, and money into getting what you want.

Do you need a bigger room? An office that you can access from outside the main home? You can get all these by building a custom home Myrtle Beach.

Lower Costs

You will save a lot of cash while getting your dream home and that means not having to deal with doing reconfigurations, upgrades, and repairs along with spending the initial outlay to purchase a pre-existing house.

Having a custom home built will allow you to choose your own finishes, which lets you pick the style you want at a price that offers you the maximum value for your money.

Lot Optimization

If you purchase a pre-existing house, you will have no control over the design and placement of the building according to the land where it is situated. But working with a custom home builder allows you to work with architects and designers so you can take advantage of the positive features that land has to offer.

With custom homes, you can make the most out of shade and sunlight, trees, foliage, air flow patterns, orientation, and size of the available space.


Building a custom home allows you to have a home with your desired level of privacy. You have full control of the home’s orientation and other features you’d like to have in your home.

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Thousands of baby boomers are reaching their retirement age every day and it is pushing the demand for design features accommodating aging in place in an upward trend. In case you are thinking of building a custom home for retirement, you need to have a house plan that includes essential age in place features, which will allow you to live in the house throughout your gold years without having to worry about remodelling.

In case of building a custom home for aging in place doesn’t seem like a very exciting task, then you will be pleased to know that adding in some age in place features won’t prevent you from constructing a luxurious and modern house that you will love to live in the in the years to come. With the correct build, these features won’t even be that noticeable.

What is aging in place?

Aging in place means you will be staying in your own house independently and safely as you grow older. The National Aging in Place Council said that over 90% of older adults would like to age in place in their very own homes instead of moving to senior housing. But, a lot of their houses would need expensive adjustments.

A custom home that’s built with universal design features for aging in place won’t need any of those alterations.

What is universal design?

Universal design, as defined by the National Association of Home Builders, is the design of environments and products that can be used by all people, as much as they can, without having to alter the existing design. A custom home with a universal design will meet the needs of anybody even if their abilities and needs change.

What are the common universal design features crucial for aging in place?

Listed below are a few features in a universal design that are crucial to aging in place.

Single Story Living

Either a multi-story or one story custom home with single story living, which is comprised of a full bath, a kitchen, and a bedroom on the first floor, as well as an elevator.

No Step Entrance

There should be at least one entrance to the house that is level or has no step to accommodate anybody who is using a wheelchair or walker. No steps should also be required to enter the home’s main rooms.

Open Floor Plans

The house must include open spaces that are spacious for good visibility and easy maneuvering. Spaces in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room must be 5 foot by five foot in clear space.

Wide Doorways and Hallways

Doorways and halls must be wide enough so that a wheelchair can fit. Doorways must have at least a clear width of 32 inches while hallways must be at least 36 inches wide.

If you build a custom home for retirement, it will most likely be the last house you will ever buy. Although adding features for aging in place is crucial, you could still build a house that is stylish and comfortable to live in. Your retirement custom home could be aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and comfortable while accommodating your changing needs in the coming years. Just make sure that you let your custom home builder know what you want.

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When interviewing potential custom home builders, there are twelve questions you need to ask. The answers they provide will help you determine their communication style, their eagerness to be involved in the process, and their understanding of your project.

Questions You Have To Ask A Custom Home Builder

  1. Can you work with my designer during the designing phase to make sure that we are building a home that meets the set budget?
  2. What methods and strategies do you plan to use to know the actual cost of the custom home?
  3. How do you want to be compensated for the services you render during the preconstruction phase?
  4. Is the quality and style of the house we want to have within your comfort zone?
  5. Who will manage the construction of the house and how frequently will the custom home building be supervised directly?
  6. Can I meet the project superintendent or the project manager who will sit on top of the project daily?
  7. How do you plan to address any concerns or inquiries during the construction process?
  8. How competent are the subcontractors who will be working on my custom home building project?
  9. In case there are alterations or adjustments on the design or any unexpected circumstances that will lead to additional cost, what methods will you use to inform the designer or the owner?
  10. How long do you need to complete this project?
  11. How will you be paid for your work?
  12. How will you service the warranty once the construction of my custom home is complete?

There are many things you need to track during the construction of your custom home and that is why it is crucial that the Myrtle Beach custom home builder you hire has an organized and clear system to monitor all of the aspects of the project.

The custom home builder must be able to give you certain documents to show in detail their methods and processes. He or she must present a sample of the following:

  1. Contract and preferred way of compensation
  2. Budget and thorough explanation of the tracking, invoicing, and payments of monthly billings
  3. Draw requests to a lender and complete description of the process.
  4. Lien release as well as overview of your rights under the county and state law.
  5. Construction schedule showing the building timeline, milestones, projected cash flow, and crucial decisions that should be made
  6. Change order request as well as description of the processes
  7. Warranty
  8. Maintenance and operational manual

Once the initial interview is done, don’t forget to ask the custom home builder to give a list of their past clients, at least three, and two existing clients. Get in touch with them and meet them personally. That way, you will get to hear what they have to say and obtain answers to important questions. If possible, you should also visit the houses of their past clients or at least check them out from the outside.

Here are some questions you should ask the references:

  1. Where original estimates correct?
  2. Was the custom home building project completed on time?
  3. Was the custom home building project completed on budget?
  4. Did the custom home builder require you to make decisions on a timely manner?
  5. Where the finances transparent and clear?
  6. What were the reactions of your custom home builder when faced with stressful circumstances?
  7. Did the custom home builder clearly communicate the schedule?
  8. When the project started, what role did your custom home builder take?
  9. Where there other contractors who worked for your custom home builder on the project that you will hire in case you wanted another house built?
  10. How did your custom home builder respond to callbacks?
  11. Was the project organized and clean?
  12. Were there any subcontractors who worked on the project that you want to or do not want to recommend?

Additional Research:

References don’t end with clients. You have to know the builder’s credentials and current standing with the State Contractors Board as well as the Better Business Bureau. You also need to ask your builder if they have held or currently hold contractor licenses in other states over the past ten years. If so, you should also check their track record in those states.

All builders must have insurance and bonds so be sure to search for the requirements that were set by the State Contractors Board. Ask the contractor to provide you with proof that he is bonded and insured. In case there has been an incident or claim, this does not immediately mean that the contractor is bad. However, you have to check the nature of the claim and determine if you can move forward.

Trade and supplier references also provide an excellent method to research about your custom home builder’s standing. Get in touch with key subcontractors and suppliers and inquire about the builder’s payment history. You should also ask them how it is to work with the custom home builder.

You also need to make sure that your custom home builder is financially solvent and have a good credit rating because your lender will most likely require the financial information of your contractor before he gets approved as your builder.

You also need an attorney who is well versed in contracts and construction law. Have him review the agreement that was proposed by the builder and have him edit the contract if necessary so as to protect your investment and meet your requirements. You must understand all the sections of your contract and be comfortable with the terms.

You should also have a private inspector to verify that the materials and labor being billed every month have been achieved and on site especially if you are building your custom home from cash or without a traditional construction loan.

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Who doesn’t like the smell of something new? People love everything new. Does that apply to having a new custom home, too? They increase in value much faster than a house that’s already existing. But, they tend to cost more per square foot to construct or purchase than an existing home.

Everything inside a new home is brand new. Since you will be the first one to use the amenities, there is a chance that it may not be as trustworthy as the ones that managed to withstand the test of time. This is one of the things that are the points of debate when it comes to purchasing or building a custom house versus purchasing an existing home. There are positive points to each option but they also have their own set of disadvantages. First time home buyers must consider everything especially because it’s their first foray into the home buying game.

The Perfect Custom Home

Many homeowners believe that they can have their perfect dream house. But that’s not the case in real life. The reason has nothing to do with your budget but it all boils down to your needs, tastes, and vision, which tend to evolve, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

So what may seem to like a good idea one minute ago may come up short a few hours after.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Excitement

New construction can be exciting. However, many first time home buyers get caught up with the thrill of making something that’s unique. In many cases, they end up realizing that their plans didn’t make any sense and didn’t relate to how they enjoy their houses. They may end up spending a lot on certain designs or features that they don’t need.

Where Is Far More Important Than What

Your decision to either build or purchase involves a lot more factors than just custom kitchens or huge living rooms. They may be difficult for first time home buyers who would like their first house to be their perfect dream home. But, as the old saying in real estate goes, the three most important things are location, location, and location.

A beautiful and huge custom home Myrtle Beach that needs a 2 hour commute might not be as appealing compared to an existing house that’s just 20 minutes away from everything.

Bottom Line

There’s only one who can answer the question whether you should buy an existing house or have a custom home builder construct your house according to your preferences. It’s you. You have to ask yourself all the questions mentioned above and more. You should be honest when you’re thinking about the answers. Consider everything, weigh the pros and cons, and don’t just focus on the cost.

Take into account the quality of schools in the area, the neighbourhood, safety, transportation, proximity to hospitals and department stores.

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